Client Saint-Chamas - Mairie
Location Saint Chamas
Nombre de Biohut 35
Type de Biohut Biohut Ponton
Date d'installation 15 mai 2019
Cofinancement Mairie / AERMC / Région Sud

Project Detail

Saint-Chamas, between sea and hills

The town of Saint-Chamas is located in a preserved area at the northern end of the Etang de Berre, in the heart of Provence. The coastline is remarkable for its high cliffs, natural border between the seafront and the interior of the land. The heart of the village is divided into two parts. It opens on one side on the hills and on the other on the “small sea”. Sea side, the city is home to 4 ports filled with charm and authenticity. The coast of the town has the distinction of being surrounded by two natural sites preserved and classified Natura 2000 area.


Port Notre Dame: first Clean Ports of Etang-de-Berre

The Nautical Center Municipal of Saint-Chamas has just obtained its Clean Ports certification by the French Association of Normalization. Ports Clean is the first and only approach to Environmental Management of marinas on a European scale. It reflects a strong desire on the part of the marina managers to make concrete commitments to fight for the preservation of aquatic environments and the sustainable development of coastal and marine activities. After having engaged in this qualitative approach, the Port Notre Dame is the first certified Clean Ports of Etang de Berre. The Biohut nursery facility under its pontoons to preserve the natural aquatic environment and biodiversity is part of the continuity of this certification for sustainable tourism especially in terms of nautical activities.