Production of a video for Frejus


In this new school year 2019, on the port of Fréjus, the entire Ecocean team was mobilised to film an awareness day on the port in the presence of 2 classes from a local primary school.

Between the installation of the Biohut in August 2018, the awareness of children and the daily life on the port, we have invested our film crew to tell the story of this port which is committed to biodiversity.

We presented the video of Port-Fréjus at the Paris Boat Show on December 7th:

“PORT-FREJUS was awarded, through Philippe MANON, Port Master and Environmental Advisor, the NATIONAL PRIZE FOR INNOVATION “ENVIRONMENT” of the France Station Nautique label. This approach was carried out by the Fréjus Water Resort under the direction of the Tourist Office.
PORT-FREJUS: public awareness actions on the ecological restoration of the port and eco-citizen actions
Ports are ideal places to raise public awareness of the protection of marine ecosystems and show that they are not just boat parks. They constitute an ecosystem in their own right and a source of biodiversity that must be preserved.

Port-Fréjus has an innovative approach in this direction and is a pioneer in this field. By installing “Biohut” fish nurseries in the seabed of the port basin, the harbour master’s office completes this development by setting up an ambitious environmental education programme designed to raise awareness among schoolchildren, port users, people with disabilities and visitors of the need to respect the marine environment. The objective is to reach the general public on the role and importance of coastal bottoms in the marine ecosystem.

To achieve this, La SEM DE PORT FREJUS decided to develop its project according to 3 axes:

Establishment of “BIOHUT” fish nurseries in the port
Implementation of an Education Program for schoolchildren and recreational boaters highlighting the richness of the marine environment: the “sperm whale echo” operation
Project to create an educational trail on marine biodiversity on the wharves of the port
PORT-FREJUS is one of the main actors of the nautical dynamics of the municipality, the cradle of the Fréjussian nautical activities and one of the guarantors of the environmental qualities of its coast. “source: site of the port of Fréjus